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Traceability System
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What is Traceability System?
The Traceability system is now widely used in various industries. It is a production control system with forward, backward or even nondirective traceability of the product information. It can be used in every type of process or production. The following product info can be inquiry:
Which component was assembled in the finish goods?
Which main parameters need to be controlled in the production? Are they all passed?

Why do we need the traceability system?
The traceability system can ensure the correct components are installed really in the product, the product can reach its function requirement and can possibly reduce the call-back cost.

We may face to the following two situations, so that we have to consider:
1. The mistake of your supplier or yourself.
You must have the ability to know where this one or the batch of failure parts exist?
2. Customer requirement
When you get a product name or a batch number of the product, you must be able to reply your customer, what the product is and all components’ info in the product.

Concept of the traceability system 
The identify code or batch number is used in product and component.

The traceability system can be built up according to following logic:
1. The final product occupies a identify code, which is made of components with identify code or identify batch number.
2. The final product occupies a batch number which is made of components with identify code or identify batch number.

Supply chain of traceability system
Traceability system = Traceability of raw material + local traceability + traceability after delivery


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