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Satisfaction with customer, Customer best choice

Focusing on customer concerned challenge and pressure, delivery competitive industrial solution and service, continual value adding and cost reduction for customers.

Core Values
The company core values is the belief deeply rooted in our heart, is the motive power to drive XYZC, is our common promise to the future. It ensures us keeping the step to delivery our customer the effective service and supports the vision: “To gain the satisfaction with customer and to be customer’s best choice”

Making customer successful
Serving customer is the only reason of the existing of XYZC. Customer’s demand is our development power. We insist on all customer centered, rapid responding and creating long term value, to make customer more successful. To delivery customer effective service is the direction and evaluation scale of our work. To make our customer successful is just our success.

Working hard and perseveringly
We keep working hard and perseveringly to gain respecting and trust of customer, without laying on special out-sourcing. The struggle exists in any tiny value adding events for the customer and in the efforts to advance ourselves in the working processing. We insist on struggler-oriented and requiting reasonably all strugglers.

Self criticism
The target of the self criticism is not to negate ourselves, but is for continuous improvement and optimization. Only with self criticism, we can listen, we can develop and discard, we can continuously surpass and we can respect the others and cooperate with the others, we can realize the common development of customer, company, team and the individual.

Opening and Enterprising
To better filling customer’s demands, we are keeping the enterprise and the courage to open up, insisting on opening and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution or management could be valuable only when it got commercial success. We keep the customer demand-orientated and develop based on customer demand.

Honesty and Trustworthiness
We have open heart, suit the actions to the words and keep any promise. The credibility and integrity is our invisible assets and we insist on gaining customer with honesty.

Team cooperation
Win, we celebrate together; lost, we succor each other. The team cooperation is not only the cross-cultural group collaboration, but also the capable support of increasing process efficiency and the department wall-broken.


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